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On-the-job career technical training designed to get you workforce ready.

Job Corps is the nation's largest FREE education and job training program for young adults.

Work-based Learning

Our work-based learning (WBL) program provides students with opportunities to link their career technical training with practical, on-the-job activities. Students participating in WBL improve their work habits and attitudes, identification of goals and aptitudes, and the motivation to complete and further their education.

Green Jobs Training

Job Corps is committed to the development of green job training and preparing students like you for successful careers in the green economy. All students who enter the Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive and Machine Repair, or Construction training areas will develop specific knowledge and skills related to green technology and industry practices.

If you choose to train in one or more of these industries, you will receive the latest training available to prepare you for this growing industry. The green workforce is here to stay, and qualified green workers will continue to be in demand for many years to come.

Look for the label GREEN JOB below.

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Advanced Transportation

Earning potential: $43,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

People with careers in this vital industry work to ensure our freight and passenger railroads, airlines, barge lines and ground transportation systems are running as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Culinary Arts

Earning potential: $24,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

A culinary artist wears many hats including chef and cook. They are responsible for not only making the food taste great but making it look fabulous as well.

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Facility Maintenance

Earning potential: $35,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

Facilities maintenance workers perform routine repairs and preventive maintenance to ensure building systems operate efficiently.

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Material and Distribution Operations

Earning potential: $25,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

Materials handlers oversee the process of taking materials from one location to another as well as extracting and loading the materials to be transported.

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Medical Office Support

Earning potential: $33,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

Medical office support staff work at the front desk of a medical office. they perform a variety of tasks vital to the operation of a medical office including dealing with patients, filing medical documents and handling insurance forms, and handling anything that comes up in a clinical office.

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Finance and Business

Office Administration

Earning potential: $34,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

Office administrators perform daily duties that include financial planning, record keeping, billing, personnel, inventory, and logistics, within a business.

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Retail Sales and Services

Retail Sales

Earning potential: $21,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

Retail sales associates are the first people a customer meets when they enter a store. They are expected to cultivate good relationships with customers in order to achieve sales goals and represent the store in a positive manner to ensure good public relations and recurring business. They also assist customers with choices and help answer any questions about the business or a product.

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Public Service

Security and Protective Services

Earning potential: $,000 per year

Length of training: 8-12 months

Guard, patrol, detect, deter, observe, report, protect, and monitor premises, to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.

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Keep in mind that details will vary depending on your specific background, goals, and interests.
A Job Corps recruiter can help you get all the answers you need.

Off-site career vocational training

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Advanced Manufacturing

Automotive and Machine Repair



Information Technology



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